The conference will be held in Gerardmer and its surroundings, in the heart of « Les Vosges ” .

Venue : Centre des congrès Espace LAC, 17 Faubourg de Ramberchamp, F-88400 Gérardmer (France)

Vosges is the name of the local mountainous forest region, well known to provide a challenging environment for forest engineers and a very attractive destination for tourism.

To ease the arrangements for your future accomodation, rooms have been pre-booked in local hotels within a full range of confort, price and distance. Assistance is available for the booking of your room at a walking distance from the conference centre. Please use the HOTEL Booking-Reservation form and follow the described procedure.

Early booking is recommended !

Access to the city is possible from many different origin points and thanks to different transportation means. A short memo on the nearby airports, train stations and running bus lines is available for you here (FEC2014_access to Gerardmer).

Map of transportation means and accomodation possibilities.