Inspired by successful FEC and FORMEC past editions, this major international event will grant forest researchers and practitioners one of the best opportunities to meet, and share for 3 days their experience, knowledge and emerging ideas. Two days of in-doors technical sessions will be completed with a full day of field demonstrations in the local mixed sub-mountainous forests.

The conference final program is now available and it goes as follows :

  • Registration and Ice breaking event (Tuesday 23.) with a pre-conference INFRES workshop for those wishing to attend
  • Oral and poster presentations at the congress center (Wednesday 24.)
  • Excursion (Thursday 25.)
  • Oral and poster presentations at the congress center (Friday 26.)


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Both scientists and practitioners, as well as students, were invited to submit abstracts in connection to the themes of the conference before December 31th, 2013. The call is now closed and more than 220 abstracts were submitted. Authors are to be thanked for their propositions.

The conference organizers together with the technical committee reviewed the received propositions to elaborate the conference program.

Thanks to the commitment of the international members of the Technical Committee, there were always 2 and usually 3 reviews for each submitted abstract. And this was the basis for the selection process. Abstracts with the highest reviews were automatically selected for oral presentations. After that, some delicate choices had to be made considering that a conference can not possibly have much more than 100 oral presentations and that it is important to ensure a minimum of balance between the sessions, countries and institutes.

Authors have been notified of the result of the selection process on Monday February 17 and the organization committee is awaiting their feedback to finalize and release the preliminary program. When that is resolved and the status of the 18 sessions is known (full or to be completed because of unexpected resignations), the organizers might reconsider a few contributions to be proposed back into oral presentations.

FEC-FORMEC 2014 technical committee. :

  • Maryse Bigot, ONF, France.
  • Karl Stampfer, BOKU, Austria
  • Pierre Ackerman, Stellenbosch Univ., South Africa
  • Jean-Francois Gingras, FP Innovations, Canada
  • Hans Heinimann, ETHZ, Switzerland
  • Raffaele Cavalli, University of Padova, Italia
  • Mark Brown, USC and AFORA, Australia
  • Ola Lindroos, SLU, Sweden
  • Bruce Talbot, Skog og landskap, Norway
  • Antti Asikainen, METLA, Finland
  • Jori Uusitalo, METLA, Finland
  • Bo Dahlin, University of Helsinki, Finland
  • Magnus Thor, Skogforsk, Sweden
  • Rien Visser, Canterbury University, New-Zealand
  • Loren Kellogg, Oregon State University, USA
  • Woodam Chung, University of Montana, USA
  • Fernando Seixas, ESALQ, Brazil

Three types of publications will be gathered in final proceedings available online through the index:

  1. Abtrsacts of Peer-reviewed scientific papers, also to be published either in the International Journal of Forest Engineering (IJFE) or in the Croatian Journal of Forest Engineering (CROJFE).
  2. Full manuscripts, for papers with scientific content;
  3. Extended abstracts, for posters, practitioners’ testimonials on specific experiences or products, or impacts of past research results successfully transfered to field operations.

All contributions are accessible for download through active links in the conference final program or by searching the index of proceeding.

FEC2014_guidelines for authors are still available here.

A pre-conference event, the INFRES workshop is targeting academic and all other actors in the forestry sector, as well as other stakeholders that are actively involved, or have an interest, in the field of forest fuel supply. It will be held as a special pre-conference event on Tuesday 23 September from 16:00 to 18:00 hours, just before the FEC-FORMEC-2014 ice-breaking reception. More info…